Field Guide ~
Some Wild Plants
of the Beaches and Dunelands of
Fire Island

Margaret Hopkins photographed and pressed specimens that she collected in and around Oakleyville, a tiny community in Fire Island. She also wrote, illustrated, and self-published a beautiful field guide to the plants she found entitled Some Wild Plants of the Beaches and Dunelands of Fire Island.

TENT EDITIONS has lovingly reproduced this pamphlet in tribute to her research and to the natural beauty of Fire Island.

A trip to Fire Island with Peggy Hopkins

It is the vegetation, and the vegetation alone, that makes possible the permanent dunes without which there soon would be no Fire Island.

— From Some Wild Plants of the Beaches and Dunelands of Fire Island, 1967


NEW COLORS: Printed in an updated limited edition with 4 new cover variations, 2022. 

Previously printed in an edition of 100 copies,  in 4 cover variations, 25 per color, 2021.


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Printed with the wonderful crew at Lucky Risograph, New York City.

The Risograph originated from Japan and was manufactured by the Riso Kagaku Corporation in 1980. It was intended to be used as a copier for high-volume needs in establishments such as schools, clubs, churches, colleges, and political campaigns. Born out of the mimeograph, the Risograph brought together several printing processes previously done manually. The Risograph uses plant-based ink and the machines are incredibly energy efficient with a minimum amount of waste. Riso means ideal in Japanese.